The Benefits of Modular House

- May 21, 2020-

Modular construction is slowly but surely playing a more and more important role in the construction industry. You might be wondering why should you opt for modular construction when conventional on-site construction is a tested and proven way of building? Well, there are numerous reasons why modular is the future, not only for constructing residential buildings but for commercial ones such as schools as well. Modular construction has come a long way within the education sector since the old, cabin days when portable school units were a solution to rapid demographic shifts in public schools that were on a budget.

The advances in modular finishes and designs combined with the ability to complete construction quickly and the low cost of construction have solved most of the challenges that schools faced when an expansion was in order. We have worked with Kenya school, it’s not only cost-effective but provide a high-quality learning environment as well. This effort prompted a growing opportunity for modular construction. We K-Home dedicated to improving the classroom’s environment in Africa and the students’ learning experience.

It has many advantages to choose our modular house:

Environmentally-Friendly and Sustainable

Faster and More Flexible

Greater Quality Control