The benefits of container houses to the construction site

- Apr 05, 2019-

In the news, I saw a boss who rented old-fashioned temporary housing for the sake of cheapness. The conditions were not good, the sound insulation was not good, the weather changed suddenly, and the typhoon house fell down without a few bucks. Most of the workers were injured because they did not have a house to avoid the typhoon.

Afterwards, it caused social concern. People scolded the boss for buying cheap temporary housing, which caused the workers to be injured. Just think about it, if you change a new type of resident container, this will not happen. The rent of a resident container is only 6 yuan a day. Moreover, the safety performance of the resident container is much better than that of the general temporary housing. The sound insulation and heat insulation effect is also good, and the earthquake resistance is also better. The resident container is located between the movable board room and the container house. It mainly adopts modular production technology, and modularizes a container into standard parts. When it is needed, it can be assembled on site, which can speed up the installation and disassembly, and can also reduce the speed. transportation cost. The wind and earthquake resistance can reach eight grades, which is best for the temporary housing of the construction site.

In fact, renting a container house is very beneficial to both the boss and the worker. The price of renting a container is cheaper than that of buying a temporary home, and the security is higher. All the houses on the site are replaced with rented containers, which ensures the safety of the workers.