The Advantages of Steel Structure House Raw Materials

- Apr 10, 2020-

The prototype of the steel structure house is a wooden house. On the basis of its frame, the materials used have been improved. The following is an introduction to the advantages of the raw materials of the steel structure house.

1. It can replace traditional brick and concrete. The steel structure house has broken through the traditional construction model and has a high degree of industrialization, which is convenient for forming a standard building system and has realized the factorization of components and the mechanized production of construction.

2. The energy-saving effect is good, not only higher than the wood-structured house but also more than 60% energy-saving than the brick-concrete house. When the construction service expires, the steel structure materials can be fully recovered.

3. The treatment of foundation and foundation is very simple.

4. The steel structure house has features that include fast construction speed, short cycle, short construction cycle, the lightweight of steel structure, dry construction without pollution, no noise, is a model of environmentally friendly construction.

Steel Structure House