The Advantages of K-type Prefab House

- Nov 07, 2020-

For mobile house manufacturers, our company can quickly build mobile houses of different types and specifications according to customer requirements. The construction of K-style houses is also one of our company's main business, and the construction period is short, solid and safe, and it is in line with the market's demand for temporary houses. The K room is also called the sloping roof movable board room, which can develop the composition of the indoor space according to the different requirements of consumers, and then use the standard displacement coefficient as a reference.

     When building a house, it is mainly a framework system produced by light-weight steel structure, and a system in which the roof is flattened with the enclosure structure agent produced by the sandwich panel wall and its PU tiles. The K-type prefabricated house is designed with a waterproof structure. If this type of house is used, there is no need to do other waterproof solutions. And the disassembly and assembly of this type of apartment are relatively convenient, therefore, it is also very convenient to transport, and it can carry out several disassembly and assembly, so as to achieve the purpose of multiple reuse, thereby reducing the cost. Efforts, and in the whole process of disassembly and installation, only simple special tools can be used.

The safety factor of the K-type prefabricated house is also very high, the structure is more reliable, the soft structure management system of light steel structure is selected, and the design standards of the building structure are also taken into account. The reasonable layout is also more flexible. Its windows and doors It can be installed at any place according to preferences and requirements. The decoration partition in the room can also be set on the horizontal center line at will, and the indoor staircase can be set at the outdoor location. It is also more environmentally friendly and economical. The design scheme in the house is also very effective. Because it can be used several times in the circulation system, it reduces the amount of waste and is not easy to cause municipal waste. The application life is also long, and everything is normal. The next period of use can be more than ten years, and it is because of this advantage that it will be recognized by many users in such a short period of time, and it will be used as a temporary land for construction.

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