The Advantages of Container Houses in the Field of Mobile Office

- May 26, 2020-

                The advantages of container houses in the field of mobile office


Only one forklift can be moved in a short distance, and only one forklift and flatbed trailer can be moved in a long distance.

Advantage two: The container house has no special requirements for the site. If there is no need for combination use, the place where the container house is placed does not need to be treated with foundation, even if it is muddy ground, the box body can be used immediately after being transported to the site and placed on the alternate power supply, without any need for on-site installation.

Advantage three: The interior of the container house is fully renovated, just like ordinary office rooms that you usually see. The common configuration is: 2 built-in lamps and 3 sockets (one of which is a special air-conditioning socket), all of which are pre-installed, just use the external connection cable that comes with the container house to connect with the external total power supply Safe to use.

Advantage four: The life span is at least 15 years, and can be used and moved repeatedly without disassembly and assembly, without material loss. The previous project is calculated for 2 years. After completion, it can be relocated in whole or in part to another new project site, so that at least 7 projects can be done without repeating additional construction.