The Advantages of Container Hospital

- Mar 28, 2020-


The hospital adopts the container as a high-tech product, which has a long-term involvement in sustainable development, which meets the environmental requirements of the current domestic development form.

The specific performance is that the service life of the modular house products is long, more than 20 years, which can meet multiple recycling use; the prefabricated modular house mode realizes on-site installation without waste; lean management and standardization limit the production of waste in the production process; good heat preservation effect reduces the consumption of heating in winter and air conditioning energy in summer; no noise, fast construction, and no damage to the on-site environment and restoration of the original appearance of the site, when the project is removed are the real protection of the environment and the real sustainable development industry.

All standards and specifications of sandwich panels for integrated housing raw materials should be scientific, operable, effective and normative.