The Advantages for Container Living House

- Jul 16, 2020-

The Advantages for Container Living House

For the convenience of living, many construction sites consider using K-Home occupant mobile homes, but safety is also our primary consideration. We K-Home will come and talk to you about the advantages of Shijingshan occupant mobile homes, see how it is The safety of employees.

1. Flexible layout

  Light steel structure provides a large shared space, which can be flexibly separated according to needs, diversifying the indoor layout; the light steel structure system can adapt to any geological conditions, and complex geology such as geology, mountains, forests, and soil can be established according to needs.

2. Structure

  Light steel has excellent physical and mechanical properties, parts with high overall rigidity and high strength, and light structural quality characteristics. In natural disasters such as earthquakes and wind disasters, the performance is far better than other structural forms and the structure is safe, which meet the structural design requirements of the building structure.

3. Economic protection

Light steel structure system is light in weight and can be used for initial construction costs; light steel structure design and production integration, construction mechanization characteristics, saving time and labor; thin walls and steel beams greatly improve the effective utilization of the building, and the overall benefits are significant . The house can be disassembled and installed many times, and the advantages of the movable board house are reused.

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