The advantages for Container House with Glass Wall

- Apr 17, 2020-

                         The advantages for Container House with Glass Wall


1. The modular design of the container house is convenient and quick to assemble.

2. Disassembly and assembly structure design, convenient storage and transportation after packaging, low cost, and can be moved and used many times.

3. Integrated water and electricity pipelines and decoration, plug and play on site.

4. The modular container office with glass curtain wall has exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, and good airtightness.

5. Flexible configuration and layout can fully meet different functional requirements.

6. The glass curtain wall of the mobile office with steel structure has an excellent seismic performance.

7. No foundation or point foundation can be used to avoid large-area hardening of the land, to a large extent reduce the damage to land resources, easy to reclaim, and save costs.

8. The curtain wall adopts thermal insulation and fireproof materials, which has good thermal insulation performance and is safe and fireproof.

9. Environmental protection and energy saving of prefabricated house with glass curtain wall: factory-made, assembled construction, no wet operation on-site, short construction period, no long-term and destructive impact on the bad environment.