Temporary Accommodation Fire Prevention

- Oct 15, 2020-

Safety is a relatively important issue in daily life, especially residential safety. The hidden safety hazard that residents most worry about is fire safety. So what are the safety issues of residential containers? Let’s listen to how professionals troubleshoot the safety of occupant containers.

Judging from the inspections on construction sites, the residential containers where construction workers live are generally separated by flammable materials. Each mobile room houses 8-10 workers. There are cigarette butts left by workers smoking everywhere on the ground. Wires are pulled randomly and electricity usage is very irregular. In some occupant containers, inspectors also found that high-power electrical appliances such as rice cookers used by workers were plugged under pillows and under beds. During the inspection of some residential container kitchens, it was also found that the electrical wiring in the kitchen operation room was not protected by bushings, and the wires were easily burned by open flames. From the inspection results, many construction sites use flammable and combustible materials in containers for residents. Workers smoking, pulling wires, and using electricity are common, and construction units have not implemented fire prevention measures in living areas.

At the same time, from the inspection, most of the residential containers are not equipped with fire extinguishers. Once a fire occurs, it is difficult for people to extinguish the fire quickly, and can only watch the fire become bigger and bigger. Regarding these problems, many construction sites have a fluke mentality, believing that fires will not happen at their construction sites, and do not pay attention to fire safety. Some construction sites did not even have safety officers, did not regularly inspect fire safety issues, and did not supervise and stop workers living in containers using high-power electrical appliances and pulling wires indiscriminately. For these construction sites, external supervision agencies are required to intervene to force these construction sites to conduct fire safety investigations, do a good job in fire safety work, and ensure the safety of property and lives in the resident containers. The frequent occurrence of residential container fire accidents is because people do not pay attention to fire safety, and fire safety hazards are widespread, especially on some construction sites. Large-scale inspections and supervisions are needed to ensure fire safety work.

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