Surprising Container Home!

- Jul 24, 2019-


A 54 square meter home that looks like an ordinary container covered with a copper roof. This container house has a bright and tidy interior. The floor is designed in brown maple and presents a unique pattern in the home. This wood material is also combined with the white interior. The walls and furniture are dominated by white. Due to the contrast of the wooden floor, it does not look monotonous.


The kitchen at the end of the room is fully designed and luxurious. Includes a fridge, stove and cleaning area. The kitchen table is made of marble, so it has a shiny and clean appearance, and the shelf under the kitchen table can be used as a storage area for kitchen utensils.


For the middle residential area, there is a comfortable sofa as a living room and lounge. This area can also be used as a restaurant. The windows are decorated with curtains and have their own privacy in this room. This residential loft has two bedrooms. Both bedrooms are accessible by stairs and the stairs are fitted with black iron handles for safer access to the bedroom area.

Bedroom: With table and storage space and reading lights, king size mattress is part of the bedroom. The room is also equipped with railings and is therefore safe for sleeping residents.


Toilet: It acts as a bathroom and laundry room. When opening the door, I saw a toilet seat and a sink that protruded inward.

Shower area: Adjacent to the bathroom with curtains. Size is 90 cm x 90 cm