Suggestions for House Protection

- Jul 25, 2019-

Maintenance method of prefricated house:

1. After the installation of the color steel activity room is completed, the user should not change the structure without authorization, and must not disassemble any bolt components or increase or decrease the partition wall.

2. Light steel components should be painted and maintained once in 1-2 years to extend the life of the product and maintain its beauty.

3. The color steel house is connected by the whole structure of steel structural parts. The user arranges the electric lighting equipment. The electric wire can not be directly tied to the steel structure. It should be installed with the wire tube or the wire trough to avoid electric shock.

4. All the light steel structure color steel houses connected by screws are equipped with common power sockets and other facilities. The source of the route should not be installed or hung on the steel frame of the color steel room. It should be designed with square plastic pipe or slot insulation to prevent leakage and electric shock.

Suggestions for House Protection