Some tips for Prefab House

- May 08, 2020-

                                                    Some tips for Prefab House

Mobile homes are the choice of more and more people. Some temporary constructions will basically use our mobile homes. Relative mobile homes are relatively useful, but safety is also very important. We follow Hebei Su's steel structure together Let's take a look at what safety measures are needed to build the mobile board house:


1. Su's mobile home uses color steel plates, so the structural strength, stiffness and stability of the mobile home are very stable, because the manufacturers of steel mobile homes have strict technical standards and strong technical strength and quality. It can meet the requirements for the safe use of construction sites.


2. When developing the construction plan for the Su's mobile home, special personnel are required to install and build, and when it is put into use, it should be checked whether the installation and construction meet the quality requirements specified in the construction plan.


3. The location of the Su's activity house should be chosen carefully. It is necessary to choose a location with a good geographical location and surrounding environment, avoid the pine land section on the side of the foundation pit and the river, avoid the places and open areas prone to tornadoes, and the front of the mobile house should avoid the main wind direction.


It should be noted that the height of the activity room is on the second floor, and the personnel entering the venue must wear a safety helmet. When working in the air, fasten the safety belt and buckle the safety buckle to do their own safety protection work.

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