Some Tips for Disassembling the Prefab House

- Apr 24, 2020-

Some Tips for Disassembling the Prefab House

The mobile home is a flexible building model. They can reuse resources and the construction period is short. Then when you have built a mobile home for a period of time, it is no longer needed. How should it be demolished? Get to know it!

1. When it is determined to dismantle the movable board room, the next thing to do is to remove the beds, tables and chairs in the board room.

2. The dismantling steps are in the order of dismantling the color steel plate → dismantling the doors and windows → dismantling the steel framework of the elegant movable panel house.

3. Let me first talk about the order of removing the roof color steel plate. First, send 2 to 4 professional personnel to the roof of the board room with an electric drill to remove the self-tapping nails. At least two people are required to disassemble and install the roof and the house, because each piece of color steel plate on the roof has a length of 3 meters and a length of 4 meters, and the weight of each piece is more than 50 kg.


4. After the roof color plate is removed, the wall color plate is removed. To remove the wall panel, remove the color plate around the wall. Because this type of panel house is combined, all the wall panels are not fixed with nails, so the removal is very convenient. When disassembling, the upper person and the lower person use both hands to pull the colored steel plate upward, and the lower person pushes the colored steel plate upward with both hands. This push and pull the plate removes them piece by piece.

5. After removing the wall color steel plates, and then removing the doors and windows, when removing the doors and windows, use an electric drill with a sleeve to remove the drill tail nails of the steel skeleton, the doors and windows can be easily removed.

6. After disassembling the doors and windows, the top of the bottom layer of the second layer is removed, that is, the multi-layer wood board, because the wood board is nailed to the steel frame beam many times with 3cm long self-tapping nails, then we It can be easily removed by installing the electric drill on the cross self-tapping head and reversing it. After the nails are removed, the board is lifted up and transported to the ground.

7. After disassembling the color steel plate, doors, windows, and wooden floor, the remaining work is to dismantle the steel skeleton of the movable panel house. The sequence and steps of disassembling the skeleton of the panel house are to first remove the roof purlin → then remove the roof girder beam → walkway board → Walkway bracket → Stairs → Roof purlin → Roof straight beam → Upright → Ground beam;