Selection of container cleaning methods and attention to details

- Apr 10, 2020-

There is not a big gap between the cleaning of occupant containers and the cleaning of ordinary containers. It is just that occupant containers need to be cleaned more carefully because of changes in internal facilities.

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Choice of cleaning method:

The main choice of cleaning method is based on the "Safety Technical Specification for Hazardous Chemicals" from the cargo contained in the container. The "Dangerous Chemicals Safety Technical Manual" of the loaded goods shall be provided by the user of the container, or refer to the relevant information "Dangerous Chemicals Safety Technical Manual". According to the main composition, properties and physical and chemical properties of the goods provided in the "Safety Technical Specification of Hazardous Chemicals", the difficulty of cleaning can be preliminarily determined; according to the stability and reactivity, physical and chemical properties, the cleaning reagents and cleaning methods used . According to the relevant information of health hazards, first aid measures, protective measures, and toxicological data, the protection of operators can be done; according to the characteristics of explosion and fire protection, storage and transportation precautions, leakage emergency treatment, can be done to prevent the cleaning site; based on Provisions such as emergency treatment for leakage, environmental information, and waste can be disposed of as the three wastes to protect the environment.

Container cleaning method:

Chemical cleaning (e.g. container shipments are epoxy, epichlorohydrin, etc.), manual, mechanical cleaning (e.g. container shipments are silica sol and other goods), steam cleaning (e.g. container shipments are food grade Cleaning of alcohol and other goods), mixed cleaning (if the container shipment is latex and other goods) Choosing the correct cleaning method can save costs, reduce the pollution of the waste liquid to the environment, and reduce the damage to the cabinet caused by improper cleaning methods. At the same time, there are bound to be health, environmental protection and safety problems in the cleaning process of containers, such as the collection and processing of cargo residual liquid during the cleaning process, the collection and processing of exhaust gas, the collection and processing of waste liquid generated by cleaning, the supervision of cleaning process, the Detection. These are issues that people need to pay attention to.