Security Investigation of Container Mobile Room

- May 22, 2020-

The fire safety problem of container room has been troubling people, threatening people's property safety and life safety, every mobile house fire will let people suffer huge losses. In view of the heavy casualties caused by mobile house fires, fire safety problems in mobile houses are being investigated everywhere.

From the inspection of the construction site, construction workers live in mobile housing are generally separated by flammable materials, each mobile housing housing 8-10 workers, the ground is full of workers smoking cigarette butts, the room wire disorderly pull, electricity is not standard. In some mobile homes, inspectors also found workers using high-powered appliances such as rice cookers with sockets tucked under pillows and beds. An inspection of the kitchen in some of the mobile homes also revealed that the electrical wiring in the kitchen operation room was not protected by a casing, and the wires were easily set on fire.

From the inspection situation, a lot of construction site container mobile room are using flammable combustible materials, workers smoking phenomenon, disorderly pull wires, indiscriminate use of electricity and other situations are very common, construction units to the living area of fire prevention measures are not in place. At the same time, from the inspection of the situation, most mobile homes are not equipped with fire extinguishers, once the fire is difficult to quickly put out the fire, can only watch the fire growing. For these problems, a lot of construction sites are holding a fluke mentality, that the fire will not happen in their construction site, do not pay attention to fire safety. Some construction sites are not even equipped with safety officers, there is no regular inspection of fire safety problems, there is no supervision and stop of workers in container mobile rooms using high-power electrical appliances and randomly pulling wires. For these sites, it is necessary for external supervision agencies to intervene and force these sites to conduct fire safety problem investigation, so as to do a good job in fire safety and ensure the safety of property and life in the mobile house.

Container room fire accidents occur frequently, people do not pay attention to fire safety, fire hazards are widespread, especially on some construction sites, need to carry out large-scale inspection, supervision, do a good job in fire safety work.

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