Requirements for welding of container houses

- Oct 23, 2019-

[1] The contents of pre-weld inspection are: whether the inspection technical documents are complete, the quality inspection of welding materials and basic metal raw materials, the quality inspection of the hairpin assembly and welding parts, the perfect welding equipment, and the identification of the welder's operation level.

[2] The purpose of pre-weld inspection of container mobile houses is to prevent and reduce the possibility of defects generated during welding.

[3] Inspections in welding production include the implementation of welding equipment, welding specifications and welding procedures, and self-inspection of defects such as slag inclusions and incomplete penetration during multi-layer welding. The purpose is to prevent the formation of defects and the timely detection of defects in the welding process of the living room of the container. The welder's high level of responsibility for product quality and careful implementation of the normal process play a decisive role here.

[4] Inspection before welding and welding production is an important measure to ensure product quality and prevent waste and rework in advance.

[5] The final step of the welding inspection of the finished product inspection room. All the welding work of the prefb container house is finished, and after the weld cleaning work, the finished product inspection is carried out.

[6] Container house drainage mechanism: Just arrange the drainage point. It should be noted that the precipitation intensity in each area is not the same. The idea of stopping the drainage mechanism is to have sufficient practical basis, but not by objective. Construction selection: excessive double roof ridge method is adopted to prevent the river ditch from being emerged in the building. The same side river ditch also excessively adopts the outer gutter to prevent the inner gutter. The roof plate type should be selected according to the slope of the water discharge and the slope length, and the slope is small. Such a roof panel should use the wave height plate too much.

[7] Manufacturers of raw materials for the production of modular container houses should try to select better quality materials for production. Otherwise, the container houses will receive the customer's warranty call when they just go out, and the labor and material costs are much higher than the quality of use. The material cost of the material added, so the overall cost is higher, and has a great impact on the reputation of the manufacturer.