Priority of container house

- Apr 02, 2019-

Containerized mobile homes have become the trend of new-age housing construction, and there are more and more international trade businesses. In places where natural disasters occur frequently, only such houses can withstand disaster intrusion.

In many of today's houses, there are many drawbacks, not strong enough, too easy to be destroyed, even more fragile than the old house, because there are too many contemporary tofu projects, and some new houses are there. There are many dangers. In recent years, there have been numerous disasters in our country, especially in the earthquake disasters in Yunnan and other areas in Sichuan. Therefore, the government has prepared a large number of container-type mobile homes as earthquake-proof resettlement houses to serve as temporary resettlement houses for the affected people. There are also a number of container-type mobile homes in foreign countries, which are used for earthquake prevention, wind and tsunami prevention. Although the container-type mobile home is not a fully enclosed house, it can buffer the disaster time and can withstand the disaster. When staying for a while, let the people escape from the house, and some houses still stand there after the tsunami, without damage. The research and development of the seismic resistance of container houses has become more mature and stable. The structure of light steel and the reinforcement of fireproof boards are not easy to collapse and crack. And more and more science and technology has been applied to this new batch of container-type mobile homes.

At the environmentally sustainable housing exhibition, new energy sources have been continuously developed. The building materials of container-type mobile homes are environmentally-friendly and recyclable, and they have been recycled again. However, in the development of foreign countries, the development history of container-type mobile homes has been long. In a century, performance research and development in all aspects is also at its peak, so it is now safe to use it to compete with disasters.

The container mobile board room has also broken people's awareness in terms of light weight. It is widely used in construction workers' quarters and offices, etc. It is convenient to transport and has strong weather resistance. It is worth mentioning that at present, container houses are widely active in the project leasing market and are subject to The construction side is warmly welcomed. At the same time, there are also some service platforms that are willing to use Internet means and container house leasing to promote the healthy and orderly development of the container house leasing market.