Prefab House Using Attention

- Oct 29, 2020-

Matters needing attention during the use of the prefab house:

1. It is strictly forbidden to use open flames in Henan movable houses.

2. The walkway stairs of the double or three-story movable room are fire-fighting passages. It is strictly forbidden to pile up debris.

3. The mobile room has poor anti-theft performance, and keep valuables by yourself.

4. Pay attention to the ventilation and heatstroke prevention and cooling of Henan mobile homes

5. If you find that the steel structure of the mobile house is deformed and bent, please contact the board house manufacturer for replacement and repair.

6. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle steel components, plates, adjusting rods and horizontal supports at will in the mobile room;

7. It is strictly prohibited to hit walls or steel components;

8. The wooden plywood of the mobile room is strictly prohibited from being flooded for a long time;

9. An overload protector should be installed when using electrical appliances;

10. Frequently check and maintain the circuit system to prevent short circuits from causing fires;

Prefab House Using Attention