Prefab House Site Office

- Aug 08, 2019-

There are two types of Prefab houses, one is the K-type prefab house, and the other is the T-type prefab house. The two types prefab house have their own characteristics. Let's take a look at it together: 

The T-type prefab house is also called the flat-top prefab movable room. This kind of prefab house is generally used to be the site office of the construction project department and the management dormitory. 

Prefabricated Construction Site Office_副本

The K-type prefab house is also called the slop prefab house. It is divided into three types: ordinary prefab house, standard prefab house and high-grade prefab house in the current market. Nowadays, according to the customer's needs, the space can be combined by standard modulus, the light steel structure is used to form the skeleton system, and the envelope and roofing system is formed by the sandwich wall panel and the PU tile. It realizes the concept of simplicity, beauty, quick construction, safe use and standard generalization. It is a temporary housing product that enters an industrialized production, can be inventoried and can be used for many times.

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