Prefab House Precautions for Use

- Nov 07, 2019-

As a popular building, the prefab house has been used for a while in China. Although strict construction is required during the construction process, daily maintenance in use is equally important, and proper use and maintenance will greatly increase the service life of the prefab house. In order to give users a better understanding of the Khome prefab house, let's talk about the precautions for use of the prefab house.

The steel structure of the house is a whole. After the installation of the modular house is completed, the user must not change the structure of the modular house privately, because it will cause a chain reaction that is difficult to recover. If the user needs to change the structure of the modular house, the construction staff can come to help the renovation, because the professionals know more about the change of the modular house than we do.

Users should not arbitrarily change the circuit structure of the Khome mobile home, and do not arbitrarily disassemble the screw fittings above, because any operation may affect the overall structure of the mobile home and affect the user's use.

In case of rain, be prepared in advance. Check whether the drainage function of the mobile home can be used normally, so as to avoid water accumulation in the mobile home and affect the normal use of it.

When the mobile room is used for several years, it is necessary to inspect the paint on the surface of the steel structure. If it is stripped, it should be replenished in time to prevent the steel structure from rusting and aging, and prolong the service life of the movable room to some extent.

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