Prefab Building Maintenance Work

- Feb 14, 2020-

2 Story Prefab Building

Maintenance method of prefab building:

1. After the installation of color steel prefab building, users shall not change the structure without permission, nor dismantle any bolt components, nor add or reduce partition walls.

2. The light steel components shall be brushed with maintenance paint once every 1-2 years to extend the service life of the products and maintain the beauty.

3. The color steel room is connected with the whole building with steel structure parts. The user arranges the electric lighting equipment. The wires cannot be directly bound on the steel structure. The wire pipe or trunking shall be installed separately to avoid electric shock.

4. All light steel color steel houses connected by screws shall be equipped with common power sockets and other facilities. Exposed route sources shall not be installed or hung on the steel framework of color steel houses. Square plastic conduit or trunking shall be designed to be insulated and laid separately to prevent electric leakage and electric shock.

5. After the production and installation of color steel house, non professionals shall not modify the house structure or circuit design at will, or remove the screws or steel frame accessories of the house structure, or remove the color steel sandwich panel partition wall or add another partition wall. In case of strong need to increase or reduce the partition wall, we should inform us to arrange professionals to solve it for you.

6. After leaving the room, all the power must be turned off to prevent accidents. When using the gas stove and stove, the color steel room cannot be too close to the fire source or use high-power electrical equipment.

7. The framework of the color steel house should be painted once or more in 12-24 months under normal conditions, which can prevent the steel frame from rusting and also make the color steel house beautiful and eye-catching!