Precautions when using the box room

- Dec 02, 2019-

Box houses are durable, but they also need to be maintained. Its materials and surface treatment methods are determined according to actual conditions. Generally speaking, it has strong weather resistance, so in general, the surface paint color will not decrease or change after a long period of time. But it must also be maintained.
It is believed that although the external structure of a box-type house is a steel structure, it has a strong resistance to impact, but the biggest lethal point of the steel structure is chemical corrosion. This can cause overall damage. If there is contact with acid, alkali and salt, it must be wiped with professional cleaning reagents.

2. Prevent internal mold return
Although box-type houses do have moisture-proof functions, due to regional environmental differences, such as the Sichuan Basin, where humidity is high all year round, attention must also be paid to moisture-proof work. If a box-type house has a moisture return, its impact on it will be greatly reduced, which will greatly reduce Its service life will cause permanent damage to the wall of the board room once the mold returns to the mold.
In addition, box-type houses should also pay attention to regular dust removal work to avoid the formation of corrosion groups of chemical substances after dust deposition.

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