Precautions for Installing the Modular Container House

- Sep 04, 2020-

Precautions for Installing the Modular Container House

Pay attention to fire prevention

   Fire is a common occurrence on current construction sites. If the container mobile house you use is made of foam color steel plate, you must also pay attention to fire prevention. 1. Please do not use electric welding near the wall; 2. Winter heating stoves should be equipped with fire protection devices; 3. For container houses that need waterproof treatment, it is strictly forbidden to use blowtorches on the housing materials; 4. Metal should be used when laying indoor wiring The pipe should be grounded reliably or a refractory pipe should be used. In addition, casing should be added for protection when passing through the wall;

Try to fix it on the ground

Since the color steel plate container mobile house is lighter than the all-steel structure, it may be blown by the wind and may be dangerous when it encounters a strong wind of level 8. The search mobile house website suggests that you should Just like building a colored steel house, there are devices for fixing the bottom. It is not serious in the inland areas, but the coastal cities of our country are often hit by typhoons, and the container mobile houses must be fixed.

Three-layer stacking is prohibited

We often see on the construction site that there are three-story color steel plate houses, but for the color steel plate container mobile houses, due to the relatively light texture, three container houses are really superimposed on each other, and there may be great safety risks.

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