Precautions for Fire Prevention of Construction Site Temporary House

- May 29, 2020-

1. During the construction process, the core material should be kept away from open flame operations such as electric welding and gas welding.

2. If you want to install a kitchen in a construction site temporary house, you need to have a temperature insulation layer, the wall should be installed with a fireproof rock wool insulation layer, while maintaining a certain distance when using it.

3. The power wires and cables connected to the lighting facilities in the construction site temporary house cannot directly pass through the core material, and there should be a protective sleeve. Boxes such as switches and sockets should be mounted as far as possible.

4. Under normal circumstances, the distance between the construction site temporary house and the color steel plate room on the construction site must be at least 6 meters, so that if a fire occurs, it will not ignite the other.

5. In the construction site temporary house, simple fire extinguishing equipment should be equipped outside. Once a fire occurs, the workers can quickly evacuate.

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