Precautions During the Container House Installation

- Sep 27, 2019-

The container house is quick to install and can be recycled, which is the first choice for the construction of temporary housing. Residential forms such as container apartments, post-disaster resettlement houses, and container toilets have all been developed. Although the container house is a temporary residence, it should have the functions of wind resistance, moisture resistance, thermal insulation and other functions to make people live comfortably. The following is about the precautions for the installation of container houses.

I. Drainage and water supply. Generally speaking, the ground foundation of the container house should be higher than the surrounding terrain, and the drainage ditch should be excavated around the container house. In the summer rainy season, the top of the container should be covered with a gable roof for rainwater to drain. There are two main solutions to the problem of water supply to container houses. One is to connect the municipal water supply system, and the other is to increase the water tank. These two methods can be used together.

II. Thermal insulation. The most common way to use a container house is to provide shelter for workers at the construction site. The container itself does have thermal insulation function, because its wall panel has insulation function. However, If the local temperature is too high or low, after the container house is installed, it is necessary to add a layer of soundproof cotton and heat insulation cotton and to install air conditioning facilities.

III. Lightning protection. If the container house is installed in the alpine wilderness, the iron container house will easily become the target of lightning in thunderstorm days. Therefore, the installation of the lightning rod should not be neglected. In addition to lightning protection measures, if the container house has stairs, balconies, etc., it should also be weldedly reinforced.

The container house has solved the temporary housing needs of some people, and the application will become more and more extensive.

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