Practicability of container house

- Mar 28, 2020-

Practicability of container house

Some people may think that the container house looks very simple. Although it is too light to be evaluated, the use of this kind of movable container house is indeed light and flexible, but it is also practical. 

The wall of the container house it very durable, and this kind of house is earthquake resistant. The movable plank house has a seismic capacity of 8, but not all of them need to be designed, built and installed by the people who install the magnitude. 

Although this kind of temporary housing has only been popularized nationwide in recent years, it has started to become a construction site, and has been recognized in the housing of the construction site. 

In addition to accommodation, it can also be used as temporary accommodation for offices and meeting rooms. Of course, the movable plank house should also be called the word "movable". In the case of needing to change the position, it can also be moved and changed by crane hoisting.