Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Can be Widely Used

- Oct 12, 2019-

Polyurethane sandwich panels are also known as anti-leakage sandwich panels, polyurethane rigid foam insulation panels, polyurethane composite panels, and PU panels. It is a bimetallic, single metal and non-metal composite sheet with polyurethane rigid foam as an insulation layer. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving building envelope material with wide application and great potential. It is also advocated and promoted by the Ministry of Construction. A new type of energy-saving sheet that can be used in a variety of different building needs:

Public Building

Such as airport, station waiting hall, stadiums, theaters and auditoriums, exhibition halls and exhibition centers, museums, and other public buildings, which require more space and trusses. The structural form, therefore, puts higher requirements on the materials of the roof panel in terms of lightweight, heat preservation and heat insulation, fire safety, waterproof, sound absorption and durability.

Industrial Plant and Warehouse

Polyurethane sandwich panels are a lightweight, fast, efficient, and flexible arrangement that has become the preferred solution in single-storey building construction. For the multi-storey industrial plant, in addition to the roof of the roof house, the outer wall can also be flexibly arranged by using the polyurethane sandwich panel, and the color and shape of the color-coated plate can be used to beautify the appearance of the building. For industrial buildings with constant temperature and humidity requirements, sandwich panels with thermal performance superior to brick walls are used as enclosing materials, which can greatly save operating costs after completion.

Purification Engineering

With the rapid development of industries such as electronics and medicine, the requirements for the cleanliness of the production environment are also increasing. Polyurethane sandwich panels are widely used in production and working environments where cleanliness is required because they are less prone to have dust, easy to clean and have fewer seams.

Temporary House

The temporary house built with polyurethane sandwich panels has a series of advantages such as light overall quality, flexible combination, convenient and quick construction, no need for secondary decoration, easy disassembly and relocation. The sandwich panel house can be relocated many times to make it widely used in temporary buildings. In addition, sandwich panels are widely used in industrial plants for multi-purpose combination houses.

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