Polystyrene Sandwich Panel Performance

- Sep 29, 2020-

1. Thermal insulation

①FRP panel (FRP) 0.23

②Polystyrene foam (EPS) 0.038-0.043

③80mm thick composite board & 0.46 2. There is a layer of excellent gel coat on the surface of the glass steel plate

Polystyrene Sandwich Panel Application:

Insulation/dry truck compartments, large-span structural roofs, walls, thermal insulation (or fire protection) workshops, purification workshops, high and mid-range combined houses, container houses, etc.

Applicable standards and regulations

"Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure Engineering" GB502005-2001, "Quality Inspection and Evaluation Standard for Steel Structure Engineering" GB20221-2001, steel structure companies should strictly follow the design requirements and relevant specifications to ensure the quality of production, installation and construction. Party B shall be fully responsible for all losses caused to the construction project due to misunderstanding or unqualified construction quality.

Polystyrene Sandwich Panel Performance