Pay Attention To Waterproofing When Installing Container Houses In East Africa

- Feb 20, 2020-

The container house is currently the best building for a temporary house! For East African countries, several regions have cooperated with K-home. We take into consideration regional climate issues, and container houses in East African countries should pay attention to waterproofing!

In addition, what should be paid attention to: What if the house leaks? In order to prevent water leakage in the container house, we must first find out the cause of the leakage:


Possibility one: Loosening of roof fasteners: The container house should ensure the firmness of the fasteners during assembly, and stepping on the roof of the mobile house during the installation process will cause loosening of the fasteners.


Possibility two: When the container is under construction, the waterproofing project is not well grasped, or it is aging, which is a phenomenon that causes water leakage.


Possibility three: When we install air conditioners or other equipment in the room, we will drill holes. Improper drilling will also cause water leakage. Or after drilling, improper handling will also cause rain leakage. In the course of using the container house, due to the influence of external conditions, wind load, snow load, thermal expansion and contraction, etc., the deformation of the roof slabs, the formation of cracks at the joints, and the damage of the original waterproof treatment show leakage.


Possibility four: The drainage groove of the container house has no slope in the horizontal direction, the design of the drainage groove and the downspouts is irrational,  it will cause rust and erosion, or there will be infarcts such as dregs, which can cause leakage or backwater.