One minute to take you quickly to understand the four categories of container house

- Oct 16, 2019-

As one of the most professional container mobile house manufacturers in the north of Henan, K-home will take you one minute to understand the types of container mobile homes. With the development of international trade and changes in commodity structure, the types of container mobile homes will also be applied. The scope has expanded and increased.

The first category, ordinary container mobile homes, can be widely used in the following areas:

1. Construction sites, such as office, accommodation, conference rooms, etc.

2. Field work room

3. Save the disaster private

4. It can also be used as temporary office, accommodation, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

The second category, the reefer container, can be adjusted between -60 ° C and +30 ° C. The front end of this type of container is equipped with a refrigeration unit, which can maintain the specified temperature of the container during continuous transportation, just like “walking frozen storage”. This box is suitable for transporting butter, chocolate, frozen fish, condensed milk, fruit and other items in the summer.

The third category, open top container, which has no roof, but has a canopy supported by a foldable top beam, a plastic sheet or a plastic coated cloth, which can be loaded and unloaded from the top of the box by a crane. goods. Cover the top with a tarp with the same watertight requirements as the dry container. Suitable for loading heavy loads such as glass plates, steel products, machinery, etc.

In the fourth category, the flat rack container has no roof and sides, and is characterized by loading and unloading from the side of the container. Overweight cargo is its main carrier, such as lathes, yachts, boilers and the like, which can be exempted from unpackaged bare-packages, and can be used for large-scale super-wide and ultra-high cargo lifting.

In fact, these are only classified according to its basic shape and use. If there are different countries' usage habits according to the scope of application, there are still many classifications of container mobile houses. Today, we will not introduce them one by one. If you want to know the container activity room. For more knowledge, please pay attention to