New Applications of Container House

- Jun 11, 2020-

1. Student apartments, currently using container houses as student apartments or classrooms. The school cannot accurately estimate the number of students enrolled each year. If the number of students increases, it is necessary to build student dormitory, but the concrete pouring house is not very convenient for disassembly or installation, it will occupy a lot of land area, and one day will not be needed. It will also cause a waste of resources. The comfort of container apartments is no different from that of ordinary houses, and it is more usable and lower in cost.

2. Temporary resettlement houses play a large role in the residence of post-disaster disposal personnel. On the other side, they can also be used as containers for transportation, so that materials can quickly reach the victims. The container house continued to rain in the aftermath and aftershocks, and it also has a good warming effect, safe and comfortable, and avoids some injuries to people to a large extent.

flat pack container