Movable Worker Camp Solution

- Aug 02, 2019-


Nowadays, the Movable Worker Camp has been seen everywhere. What doubts do you have about the use of it? Let's take a look at the questions and answers.

1. How many kinds of wall system can be choose for movable worker camp?

There are mainly the following types of movable room plates: Eps sandwich panel; rock wool sandwich panels; polyurethane color steel sandwich panels; single-layer color steel plates.

2. Movable Worker Camp a light body?

Lightweight housing refers to a house made of light materials. There are many light body materials, such as cement prefabricated board movable room, phosphorus magnesium board room, color steel movable room, etc., because the cement prefabricated board and phosphorus magnesium board room have low utilization rate, no heat insulation and no heat preservation, and the use is limited in the shopping mall and It is screened at all. The movable worker cmap houses in Wuhan are all made of light materials. Nowadays, the most common ones are color steel movable worker camp, which have the highest penetration rate, beautiful, safe, convenient, environmentally friendly, reusable, thermal insulation and so on.

3. How to maintain the Movable Worker Camp door lock?

In the process of using the movable door lock, it is possible to take less pencil powder or graphite powder into the keyhole during the time of the operation (half year and a year) or when the key insertion is not smooth. It can maintain the lock cylinder and make the opening smoother. But don't take any grease to make it smooth, to prevent the grease from sticking to the marbles.

4. Is the movable worker camp poisonous?

The movable worker camp itself is non-toxic. The filling material inside the color steel sandwich panel is polystyrene foam. The pure polystyrene foam board is non-toxic and will not release harmful substances.