Modular Container Introduction

- Dec 23, 2019-

Introduction of modular container:

The overall dimensions of the container unit are the same as those of a standard container. It is convenient for sea and land transportation and hoisting, and can also save transportation costs. The modular container is divided into two or four reassembled containers for transportation in accordance with the standard container requirements. It only needs to be transported from the factory to the site and placed on a flat ground. Modular container can also be stacked and installed, and the stacked floors will form a multi-story building.

Advantages of modular container:

The cost of modular container is low, the transportation is very convenient, and the installation is very fast. It has irreplaceable advantages in terms of mobility.

(1): Standardized and large-scale production of modular containers. The components are relatively standard, there are no complex components, and the degree of mechanization is high during the processing. The assembly is completed on the assembly line to ensure the quality. At the same time, the tightness of packaging and transportation is taken into consideration, and the nested section is adopted.

(B): The transportation method is flexible and economical. In order to reduce the volume of transportation, the individual resident containers can be compressed and packed before the packing and transportation process. That is, the wall, door, window and installation accessories in the modular container are placed between the bottom frame and the top frame of the box. The dimensions of a single modular container adopt the standard container metric size, and the four corner fixing angles adopt container corner pieces, which is suitable for container trucks and container ships.

(C): On-site installation of modular container is convenient and quick. Ordinary use only requires simple pouring of concrete foundation, which can reduce a lot of pre-construction costs and time. According to actual work experience, the cost of the entire project can be reduced by 30%. The components of the single occupant container are standardized by the factory, which reduces the on-site installation strength.

(4): There are various forms of spatial combination. It can be assembled from multiple single dwelling containers up, down, left, and right to meet the requirements of various uses, and can be combined into two-, three-, and other buildings. The internal partition wall of the box-type room can be dismantled and assembled arbitrarily to form a large indoor space.

modular container house