Modular Container House Technical Specification

- Oct 30, 2020-

1. The modular container house standards include:

"Container Modular Combined House Technical Specification" CECS 334-2013, its technical feature is that corrugated steel plate is used as steel plate shear wall to participate in the structural force.

Do not open the wall arbitrarily. If the opening needs to be reinforced, it is allowed to build a building with no more than 6 floors and a height of no more than 24m. The integral module is transported. The maximum design life is 50 years.

2. The standard of modular packing box house includes:

"Steel Structure Box Modular House Construction" 17CJ74-1; "Integrated Packing Box House" T/CCMSA20108-2019, etc.

Its technical feature is that the frame is under stress, the wall panels can be disassembled at will, and it is allowed to build buildings with no more than 3 floors and no more than 12m in height. It can be transported as a whole, packaged or transported in bulk, and is often used in temporary buildings.

3. The existing standards for modular frame box houses are:

(1) "Technical Standards for Lightweight Modular Steel Structure Combined Houses" JGJ/T 466-2019;

(2) "Technical Specification for Box-type Steel Structure Integrated Module Building" T/CECS 641-2019;

(3) "Technical Specification for Steel Structure Modular Buildings" T/CECS 507-2018;

(4) "Modular Steel Structure Building Construction" (in edition).