Modular Container House

- Apr 29, 2020-

As a kind of modular building, as a new building structure system, the modular container house takes each room as a module unit, which is prefabricated in the factory, transported to the site after completion, and assembled into a whole building through reliable connection. Its function and application are very extensive.

Modular Container House (7)

The definition of the modular container house, the first container transformation, is the navigation box used, which is the common specification called 20-foot container. The biggest difference between the container and the current living container is that the original design is used for loading, which has certain limitations in width and height. Container houses are creative and gimmicky! It also has many advantages: it can be built quickly and flexibly by making use of the modular characteristics of the container; the shipping container is made of stainless steel, which has excellent rust resistance and corrosion resistance compared with the ordinary steel structure; the approval process of the container house used as a temporary building is relatively simple; although the sparrow is small and dirty, the container house can also be built by ingenious and reasonable design It can meet all kinds of daily needs; the appearance design is more creative and pleasing to the eye. Let's talk more about safety. In general, two stories of living containers will be installed with lightning rods. The problem of fire hazards has also been solved. Now the high-end residential container has an independent toilet (dry and wet area), and the interior of the room is made of bamboo and wood fiberboard. You can choose to match the roof with photovoltaic solar energy, support the air conditioning, refrigerator, television, microwave oven, and lighting power, the whole house direct drinking water system, and the kitchen and bathroom water circulation system. Heat insulation, a layer of iron is internal or external heat insulation board. In addition to polyurethane board, there are also rock wool board and other materials available, and the fire rating can also reach the standard.

So through the above description, if the creative office building or environmental space sculpture works have both beauty and practicability, I think it is acceptable, and the application of container house will be more in the future.