Methods to Improve the Container House Robustness

- Apr 03, 2020-

1. Select the appropriate hardness ground as the basis of the container house. The container house is essentially different from the traditional reinforced concrete structure. The hardness of the foundation and terrain will directly affect its solidity. The people who chooses the assembled container house in the actual construction process need to focus on the quality of foundation.

2. The solidity of objects on the horizontal bottom surface is usually higher than the solidity of objects on the inclined bottom surface. This method is also applicable to the construction of prefabricated container house. In the construction of container houses, it is necessary to control the construction quality and strive to control the error within a range that does not affect its robustness.

3. The construction is carried out strictly in accordance with the established procedures. The construction of the container house building is actually a complex and huge project. Once abnormal conditions occur in the construction process, it will affect the overall quality and robustness of the project. During the actual construction of the container house, The construction process needs to be strictly implemented, and construction work needs to be performed in accordance with the requirements of each stage of the construction process.

4. Most of the construction materials used in the container house are colored steel plates and foam boards. Special attention should be paid to fire prevention. When heating with a heater in the activity room, fire protection equipment needs to be installed. Open flames such as electric welding need to be away from the activity room and around the activity room. The barbecue and fireworks should be minimized.

5. Do not disassemble container house components without authorization. After the construction of the container mobile house, do not dismantle and rebuild separate walls like traditional houses, because once some bolt components are mistakenly removed, it may cause some inevitable chain reaction.

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