Matters Need to Pay Attention When You Install the Mobile Home

- May 22, 2020-

1.Fire resistance

The fire separation distance should meet the design and specification requirements, the fire protection channel should be unobstructed, the configuration of the fire hydrant and fire extinguisher should meet the design requirements, the layout is reasonable, the oxygen index of the metal surface sandwich panel is not less than 32, and combustible materials such as wooden floors should be treated for fire prevention.

2.Lightning protection

The lightning protection grounding setting meets the design and specification requirements, and the grounding resistance should be tested and qualified.


The steel components should be well-painted and free of rust, and the exposed bolts should be properly protected. The anti-corrosion measures in a strong corrosion environment should meet the design requirements. The surrounding of the mobile house should be unobstructed with no water accumulation and no debris.

4.The configuration of line appliances needs to meet the requirements

The electrical circuits in the movable board room should be covered with PVC pipes (slots), the wiring is neat and beautiful, the electrical equipment configuration meets the design requirements, and the circuits have no insulation aging and connection length.

5.Plate selection

The enclosing panels (roof panels and wall panels) of movable panel houses should be free of obvious deformation and damage; fixing bolts, waterproof washers, metal washers, nylon sleeves, etc. are complete, the connection is reliable, and the sealant is complete and effective.

6.The wall panel interface should be smooth

The installation of the attached wall panel should be correct, and the surface should be flat. The installation of the embedded wall panel should be flat. The upper and lower lap joints should be grooved. The outer panel should be lapped downwards. The lap length should not be less than 15mm.