Main Materials for Container Office

- Dec 25, 2019-

Main Materials for Container Office

Portable container offices are very convenient to transport. It is very useful especially for people who need to change office sites very often.

This product also could be disassembled and reused. Due to the short construction period and simple components, the portable room must be tested for safety.

In order to be effectively installed safely and reliably on container trailers, it is necessary to clearly understand and be familiar with the installation procedures of container trailers.

For Khome container office, the price is very affordable and has many advantages feathers.

Besides, it can be combined flexibly, so as to further expand the space to use them sufficiently. According to the needs, it can be combined in the longitudinal and transverse directions without restrictions, and the mutual house type container can also be combined in the stack height of 2-3 floors upward.