Lightweight steel structure of container house has many advantages of light wood frame structure

- May 01, 2019-

They are light and can be built quickly without heavy tools or equipment. Every part can be easily handled by hand, and the house is like a large-scale carpentry job. The main tool is a lightweight hand-held screw gun. Due to the sturdness of the steel, the LGS structure is lighter than the same strength wood frame structure.

They have higher strength than wood frame construction, allowing for greater spacing: LGS is about 24 inches (600 mm) and wood is about 16 inches or 20 inches (400 or 500 mm). Fewer components are converted to faster construction times.

It can shape itself into any shape and can be covered and insulated with a variety of materials.

This structure can be easily changed or modified at any stage of its life cycle.

There are many systems and products that can satisfy this type of structure.

In addition, the lightweight steel structure of container houses is not flammable, which is a specification requirement for certain types of structures. Since steel is easily lost in fire, fire panels must be used to prevent fire.

Lightweight steel structures in container houses do not rot, shrink, warp or decompose like wooden structures and can be used in areas where termites are attacked.