K-Home Temporary Modular Classroom

- Nov 29, 2019-

K-Home Temporary Modular Classroom 

The difference between temporary and permanent buildings.

1. Temporary modular classrooms, also called the portable classrooms, could be installed and disassembled when necessary.

2. Permanent modular classroom built with off-site construction and designed for longevity.

The temporary prefabricated building for classrooms could be with a small size, or with a scale of thousands of feet. It also could provide a modern style study environment to raise the ability of the students.

Our temporary modular classroom has the following features:

1. Spacious, well-lit and climate-controlled.

2. Designs fit for the existing school interior and exterior.

3. Provision of ADA - compliant toilet facilities for disabled persons as required.

4. It could be delivered in a short time.

Khome container classroomKhome container classroom-2