K--Home Prefab House Introduction and Advantages

- Jul 25, 2019-

Introduction of container house: 2 built-in LED lights, sockets (one of which is air-conditioning special socket) are pre-installed, just use the external connection cable of the office box to connect with the external main power supply. use. The interior is completely renovated, externally connected to electricity, and can be built with air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs, and can be used immediately.

Reasons for choosing K-Home:

1. Advanced concept, introducing advanced modern home design concept, product design has always been industry standard

2, quality assurance, raw materials have undergone strict quality inspection, and manufacturing technology with excellent quality for more than ten years has been Form a standardized system

3, service-oriented, without the trust and support of customers, there is no such thing as k-home today to win customers

4, more outlets,K-Home is in your side, so that you are at your fingertips and now It is fast and flexible to enter the national market quickly.

K--Home Prefab House Introduction and Advantages