Introduction of Living Container House

- Dec 25, 2019-

The container house may not be often met in our life, because as a means of transportation on the sea, we do not often meet the container living in the mainland, but the products made of containers are not rare. Let's give an example: the container house, the container toilet, the container office, the container dormitory, etc.,

The container has evolved into very many forms appear in our life. Of course, the convenience brought to our life is also obvious to all of us. On the busy streets, the container becomes a toilet to help you solve your urgent need; on the busy and noisy construction site, the container becomes a dormitory to provide the workers with a quiet residence; on every rush morning, the container becomes a small dining room to give you a convenient breakfast.


The container unit is usually supported by the activity structure of stacking multiple containers, with the activity room and the collection of corresponding daily work facilities. This paper introduces that the container can not only be designed for the special structure, but also be used for the placement of equipment and special equipment. Maybe it's like a steel box for shelter from wind and rain, integrated into the compound space of the house. The decoration in the unit can be modified as the environment we see in the unit and can be moved with you at any time, and the transfer is convenient, especially suitable for the construction site or outdoor work.

Container house


Portable Container office

Portable Container Classroom Building-4