Introduction of Fast Assembling Container House

- Jan 08, 2020-

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1. Product introduction

Container house, also known as a Portable house, container mobile house and movable house, refers to the house with windows and doors, which is mainly based on containers and slightly modified. This kind of container house is often seen in the construction site as a dormitory for workers, but also as a rental house, durable and easy to build. Therefore, the container house is also known as the living container.

2. Product use

(1) Rescue station in the disaster area

(2) Dormitory for College Students

(3) Rent to others after purchase

(4) Rescue mobile command station

(5) The residential area serves as the canteen

(6) Outdoor car advertising room

3. Characteristics of container house

(1) The house is a new type of house building with integrity and flexibility, which is made of steel materials connected by bolts.

(2) The flexibility of the house is particularly outstanding. It can be easily completed with only one crane when watching TV.

(3) The emergence of the car borne container house has set up a new concept of temporary house and realized the general standardization of temporary building.

(4) The interior of the house is well decorated and can be connected with external power, and the interior can be equipped with air conditioning, TV and other electrical facilities, making the house comfortable.