How to solve the heat insulation problem of container house

- May 22, 2020-

The house heat insulation that lives normally is a big problem, even more, need not do is simple container house, try to imagine, how can summer live in a big iron box not hot? Insulation is a big problem container house must face. Special container

A lot of time to deal with the characteristics of the material is about the characteristics of the building and so on is not very clear, we understand is like, deal with the characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation container trailer this temporary houses, there will be a certain range, heat preservation, and heat insulation is phlogistic days than force insulation remains the same in winter than force and heat insulation, if such a understand that this is a what kind of house, not is building the phlogistic hot days and cold in winter? If it is understood in reverse, it is the same meaning, which is due to the extensive knowledge of Chinese ink and brush. Is the word "as usual" understood in two ways? Shipping container

Mobile container house heat preservation and heat insulation, how to understand is how the mood and the merits and accomplishments, probably against this word is vague, but after met mobile container house, you will understand the word heat preservation and heat insulation in the true sense, this is indisputable, mobile container building walls and roof as usually is formed by Choi steel, as for the color sample with what type of steel is determined by the buyer itself, what is the distinguishing feature of the house you want, you the most attention which features according to the characteristics of what you need to select proper Choi steel do you use, Choi steel kind is varied, As for the mobile container thermal insulation this feature is the kind of meaning depends on how you choose the material

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