How to scientifically maintain container houses?

- Feb 19, 2020-

1. Rain and sun protection


Although the container houses  have anti-corrosion functions, and the corresponding anti-corrosion material packages are also made on the outside, if the container houses are exposed to rain or rain for a long time, the surface will also be corroded, especially the air condition In poor areas or acid rain areas, if you don't pay attention to rain and sun protection, even advanced equipment container houses will be quickly damaged.


2.Professional repair reagents are needed after scraping to prevent corrosion


After the container house is scratched, it is necessary to use professional repair reagents to repair it in time, because the exterior of the container house has a professional anti-corrosion protection layer. If it is scratched, it will be quickly affected by external or atmospheric pollutants. Corrosion caused the paint on the surface of the container house to fall off in a large area, which later corroded to the entire box.


3. The interior is cleaned in time


After a single use of the equipment container house, the interior of the container house must be cleaned in a concentrated manner. The wall and bottom of the container house are mainly cleaned and wiped. The container house is to see if there is any residue of garbage or corrosive substances. It is necessary to use special reagents to neutralize the reaction as soon as possible to prevent the box from being eroded. 



The above is the method of decoration maintenance. In addition, during transportation, the exterior of the container house can be wrapped with a special anti-corrosion protective film to deal with corrosive substances during transportation. When there are damages or cracks, timely repair and cleaning are needed, and the area for preventing damage to container houses is further expanded.