How to prevent fire in Container House

- Jun 05, 2020-

How to prevent fire in the container house?

1. It is forbidden to use the container house like a kitchen, power distribution room, flammable and explosive goods warehouse, and the wiring of electrical circuits must meet the requirements of the specifications. All wires should be laid clearly and covered with flame retardant tubes.

2. Keep a safe distance between the lamp and the wall. When the wire passes through the color steel sandwich panel wall, it must be covered with a non-combustible plastic tube.

3. Each suite should also be equipped with qualified leakage protection devices and short-circuit overload switches. When the board room is used as a dormitory, the doors and windows should be opened outward, and the beds should not be placed too densely, and safe passages should be left.

4. Equipped with a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, install indoor fire hydrants, and ensure that the water flow and pressure meet the requirements. The use of rock wool with good fire performance as the core material is a radical solution.

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