How to Make Foundation for Prefabricated House

- Nov 30, 2019-

Foundation prifabricated house

Having a foundation is the key to ensure a durable home. There are different types of modular building foundations that can be used for the house, but what the foundation that can be used may depend on local building regulations.

Different countries have different requirements for foundation, so your foundation selection will be based on the different places your home placed. Each prefabricated house plan must be verified by state agencies to ensure structural safety prior to construction, which will ensure the construction of the housing engineering foundation system to properly fit a home base on an approved basis.

Prefabricated house foundation materials

The prefabricated house is designed with high-quality materials for durability. The main foundation materials of the modular house will include wood and cement. Due to the irregular phenomenon that often appears in the stone used for building materials, a stone foundation is not suitable for prefabricated house

No matter what type of foundation the modular home is placed, a common material is a cement. It is common for the cement to be poured into the foundation areas.