How to Maintain the Prefabricated House

- Feb 25, 2020-

1. What protection should be paid attention to in unused prefabricated room

When the prefabricated house is not used, which aspects should be paid attention to to to promote the maximum use of containers for a long time? First of all, homeowners should pay attention to the modular house's protection. In fact, the sun is the biggest source of damage. Every day, direct sunlight on any object can make the object hurt. prefabricated house is no exception, so the storage of containers, we must pay attention to sunshade. In the same way, when it rains, rain proof measures must be taken. In the same way, water is also the most vulnerable to container corrosion.

2. Protection of prefabricated house in use

In the use of the container movable house, the main fear is that in the process of transportation, when encountering obstacles and scratching the protective layer on the container surface, the container house is easy to be eroded, reducing the overall service cycle of the modular house. Therefore, we must avoid some possible collision obstacles in transportation.