How to Install K type Low Cost Prefab House for Worker Living Dormitory

- Sep 23, 2019-

Standard K-type board room installation

1, ground beam installation

Lift the ground beam to the foundation of the board room and find the ground beam according to the installation position line of the board room.

Find the elevation of the ground beam according to the relative elevation given by the base.

When adjusting the elevation of the ground beam, it should be based on the highest point and use the level and the variable ruler.

Ground beam elevation tolerance:

Both ends of the same ground beam ±5mm

Two beam joint ±5mm

Inter span ±10mm

After the ground beam is straightened, use the electric hammer to punch holes and install the expansion bolts. The number of expansion bolts should meet the design requirements. The bolt hole depth should be consistent with the bolt length. After the bolts are installed, they should be perpendicular to the base surface.

2, column installation

Installation order:

Column - ring beam - adjustment lever

Lift the column to the installation position and erect it so that the card under the column is stuck on the ground beam. The corner column is connected with the ground beam by three M12×30 bolts. The middle column and the gable column are connected to the ground with two M12×30 bolts. On the beam. The walkway bracket can be installed with the column. That is, the aisle bracket is connected to the column on the ground to make it integrated. Once the column is installed, the ring beam and adjustment lever should be installed immediately. The column and tie rod are preferably installed alternately. Correct the verticality of the column (in the direction of the wall panel) while installing the ring beam and adjusting the tie rod. The column perpendicularity tolerance is L/100, ≤10mm.

3, floor beam system installation.

Installation sequence: one-beam---horizontal support-→floor sandalwood Set a single pulley by means of a two-layer adjustment lever base on the column to lift the one-beam to the installation position. Each end of the beam is connected to the column with four M12 x 30 galvanized bolts. The horizontal support is good on the ground, and it is scissors-like. Install horizontal support. When installing the horizontal support, correct the verticality of the column in the same direction as above. After the column verticality is corrected, tighten the mounting bolts on the one-beam, horizontal support, and adjustment lever.

Install the floor tiles. The floor sanding strips are connected to the column and the sandalwood by M12×30 galvanized bolts.

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 4, the walkway system installation

Installation sequence: walkway bracket - → corner platform bracket - → ladder - → railing - → walkway board Connect the corner platform bracket and its lower column with 8 M12 × 30 bolts. Use a single block to lift the corner platform bracket to the mounting position. The upper end of the walkway bracket is connected to the upper steel angle bracket by two M12×30 bolts, and the lower end is connected to the column by two M5×30 self-tapping screws. The long side of the corner platform bracket is connected to the gable column and the corner post by three M12×30 bolts. Use a leveling ruler to align the corner platform brackets in two directions perpendicular to each other and tighten the bolts. The ladder beam and the step are assembled into a ladder, and the step and the ladder beam are connected by four M12×30 bolts. Install the steel ladder. Two steel ladders with M12×30 bolts are connected to the corner platform bracket. Use the level ruler to measure the level of the step in two directions perpendicular to each other. Install the steel ladder guardrail. When installing the walkway guardrail, each end of the walkway guardrail is connected to the walkway bracket by three bolts. When installing the walkway guardrail, pull the wire at both ends of the walkway to control the linearity of the guardrail. Install the walkway board. The aisle plate is fixed on the aisle bracket with 4 M5×30 self-tapping screws. The gap between the aisle plate and the aisle plate is 10mm. The installation clearance should be uniform. When the user requests, apply the glass glue to fill the gap. .


5. Installation of exterior wall panel Install the outer wall panel according to the panel diagram. Before installation, wipe the panel with a rag. The siding should be installed in conjunction with the aluminum window frame. When assembling, the two should be sent up and down, and one person should be connected. The seams of the outer wall panels shall be spliced in the direction of water flow. A waterproof tank should be installed between the ground beam and the wall panel, and both ends of the waterproof tank should be sealed with glass glue to prevent water leakage.

6. Window installation Installation sequence: upper and lower window sill—→ window frame installation—→ window fan installation—→ window lock hook—→ glue. Draw the vertical center line and horizontal center line on the window hole, and ensure the center of the window frame during installation. The line coincides with the center line drawn on the window opening. Place the window frame in the side groove of the column, and measure the diagonal length of the inner corner of the window frame with a steel tape measure so that the lengths of the two diagonal lines are equal. Buy fishing hooks on the price of "Taobao" all the way, just because of you! Advertising "Taobao" fishing hook price, designed for outdoor sports. A variety of styles and multiple choices, only useful to understand. View details > Find fish Hook price, on Alibaba advertising hooks price from raw materials, production, processing a series of services. Looking for Alibaba, the world's leading procurement wholesale platform. View details > Adjust the window frame to make it horizontal and vertical, high and low uniform, uniform plane, window frame Evenly joint with the column. At the seam of the window sill and the wall panel, the joint of the window frame, the joint between the column and the window frame is glued. Install the sash; install the window lock hook. According to the position of the locking hook on the sash, install the locking hook on the window cabinet, and make sure that the two locking hooks are in the same position, the installation is firm and the switch is flexible.

7. Door installation Installation sequence: door frame, door handle head - → door head plate - → door leaf (hinge) - → lock bolt - → glue door frame is fixed on the column with 6 self-tapping screws, and the door handle head is used 2 The self-tapping screws are fixed to the column by angle steel. The door panel is embedded in the middle of the door frame and the door handle, and is surrounded by glass glue. According to the hinge position on the door leaf, install the hinge on the frame. Make sure that the frame and the hinge are in the same position. The upper and lower hinges are on the same axis. The frame and fan hinges must not be reversed. According to the door lock position of the door leaf, install the lock plate to ensure that the lock body tongue on the door and window matches the position of the lock plate on the door frame, and the lock tongue is free to enter and exit. Before installing the door leaf, check whether the door leaf is damaged, warped and deformed, and whether the gap between the fan frames is suitable. If there is any problem, it should be adjusted or replaced.

8, awning system installation

Construction sequence: awning plate, frame assembly - → awning installation - → awning support - → awning column - → glue

Construction method: Place the canopy on the rain canopy on the ground to ensure that the edge of the plate is aligned with the edge of the frame. The canopy and the canopy are connected by rivets to M5×20. The pontoon panel is made up of two color steel plates of 1860×1000 and 1860×200. When splicing, it should be noted that the water flow direction is overlapped. The awning panel assembly is suspended from the column by two M10×30 bolts and supported by a 30-way horizontal awning support and a 40×20 flat-through vertical awning column. The horizontal canopy support is fixed with two M12×30 bolts, one end of which supports the awning and the other end of which is supported on the column.