How To Improve The Sound Insulation Function Of the Mobile Container Home Room?

- Aug 01, 2019-

With the continuous development of the society, the construction industry has also developed rapidly, mainly in the wide application of container mobile homes. Container mobile homes are used for large-scale temporary office sites, workers' quarters, reconstruction and resettlement houses in the disaster areas, and mobile shops.

With the increasing use of container mobile homes, the demand for container mobile homes has also increased. This is mainly reflected in people's requirements for the comfort of container mobile homes. The sound insulation effect is also an important factor in judging whether the container mobile home is comfortable. standard. So what should we do to improve the sound insulation of the container mobile home?

The container movable room is spatially combined with a standard modulus. The steel structure is used to form the skeleton, and the roofing system is formed by sandwiching the wall material and the tile. Although the sandwich material can play a role in thermal insulation, the anti-noise performance is not very good.

The reason for the poor sound insulation of the container movable room is that the color steel plate is too thin and the internal filling density is too low. If you want to improve the sound insulation effect, you should consider attaching the damping sound insulation material inside the existing color steel plate, in addition to Replace the foam filling with a higher density sound absorbing material, and then seal the doors and windows and the sealing points.